Two-bedroom apartment

The two-bedroom apartments have two bedrooms and a living room, with a total capacity of three rooms. The living room can accommodate up to two extra beds, bringing the maximum capacity of the room to 6 people.

The apartments are air-conditioned. They have a balcony and a bathroom (shower, toilet, hairdryer, telephone). They offer satellite TV (incl. Czech channels), telephone, Wi-Fi (free), safe (free), minibar (1.5 l bottled water daily), coffee machine (two capsules daily) and electric kettle (instant coffee and tea).


Park / Sea


55 m2


6 persons



15% SALE

10% SALE

For аccommodationin this periods:

15.06-18.06 incl.; 20.06-23.06 incl.;

08.07-14.07 incl.; 25.07-28.07 incl.;

02.08-04.08 incl.; 01.09-21.09 incl.;

For аccommodation in this periods:

24.05-13.06 incl.;

30.06-07.07 incl.;
08.08-31.08 incl.

If you book by 30.04 you will receive

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